Sunday, August 2, 2015

newyork life: central park summer stage

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Central park summer stage is one of the most anticipated events in summer.
Some of the concert is paid event but most of them are free(that's why we love it so much!)
Of course so many people come out to popular event they make looong line to get in, I recommend get there early.
You can't bring your own alcohol but they sell beer and wine inside as well as some soft drinks and foods.
It's not cheap at all(of course)but I think it's part of experience, right?
Asia dog is so yummy!:)
You can bring your own soft drinks in plastic bottles but no glass bottles, SLR cameras, chairs etc etc...they took our selfie stick too though we got it back when exit.
If you love music it's a wonderful way to enjoy New York City summer:)

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