Saturday, August 8, 2015

yogurt face mask

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You may know that I'll be on the beach every chance I get in summer time if you follow me on instagram.
Being on the beach is so good for my soul and wallets (because then I'm not going to shopping and spent some money. lol) but it's not really good for my skin.
I use sheet mask every time after going to the beach still feel my skin is dry next day.
Then I remember yogurt mask is great for your skin.
As I said I'm not a expert so I link to article from other website HERE to explain how yogurt mask work for your skin.
Some website suggest mix with flour to thick it, mix with honey or oil etc etc...
I do yogurt mask while in taking the bath so I really don't mix with anything to thinking, use BIO OIL before yogurt that's what i use all the time time when I'm taking the bath.
Result is great!
My skin feels so smooth and hydrated.

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