Wednesday, December 23, 2015

phucket photo diary: kata, surin beach and others

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On the other day we chartered a car and went to sightseeing in island.
We visited some view point, elephant ride(which was so fun!),wat chalong and phucket town.
Our driver took us to seafood restaurant for lunch too.
When we get to at last phucket town we was so beat by the heat we didn't even get out from the car, we asked our driver to drive around the town to see scenery.

Other days we went to kata beach and surin beach to just relax on the beach.
Kata beach is second or third biggest beach in phucket, they have so many restaurant and attraction.
After kata beach we took tuktuk to "After Beach Bar" for dinner and sunset.
They play reggae all the time very relaxed atmosphere and food was good too.
Of course, view was amazing:)

Surin beach was probably my favorite beach in phucket.
Not much people and restaurant very laid back feelings.
Water was super clear too.

Everybody I met this trip was super kind and helpful.
Land of smile it is:)

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