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beauty and health: how i lost weight

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I guess so many people's new year resolution include "lose weight".
So I thought it's good timing to share how I lost 19~20 pounds about three years ago and still maintain same weight after.
It's very simple and easy.


Yes, that's it.
There is so many way of "how to eat" and "what to eat" philosophy of diet but If you consume more calories than you burn you can't lose weight.
I use apps to count calories.
I used MY PLATE and CALORIE COUNTER but any similar apps would do.
Both apps calculate how many calories you supposed consume after you set current weight, goal weight, age, gender and active level.
Be careful some apps allow to lower than 1200 calories than a day which you never should do.


Ok, I said it's all about calories BUT you can't think about only calories when you eat.
When first I started diet I thought "ok, If I can only consume fewer calories I should eat nutritious foods".
In course of dieting I read a lot article about diet and lost weight in a healthy way.
I don't lecture here because I am not expert but I strongly recommend study about healthy eating and dieting.

I think losing weight from only less eating is unhealthy.
Get flexible tone muscle make body even more stronger and beautiful.
If you get more muscle your body naturally burn more calories too.
These apps count minus the calories you burn too, that motivate you to work out more:)


You can't right go back to how you ate before diet after you successfully achieve your goal weight.
It's up to how many weight you lost in how long but your body probably in starving mode if you start eating a lot your body trying to hold all the calories you consume therefore gain weight back very quick.
I added 50 calories week after I reached my goal weight and if I didn't gain any weight that week add 50 more calories next week till calories back up to you supposed to consume to maintain same weight.(these apps calculate that for you too).
I actually set my daily consume calories lower than it's supposed to maintain weight.
Weekdays I eat low calories healthy foods and save to weekends.
On the weekends I eat whatever I want eat out with friends and my husband, home parties or even at home spoil myself with high calorie sweets;)
I had been counting calories about a year after diet now I learned how to eat so I no longer counting calories.
I get on scale one a week if I gain more than two pounds I get back to calorie counting consume 1200 calories a day less than week I can get back to my right weight.


Last but not least.
I think this is most important thing to lose weight, or any other new years resolution.
If you can't set your mind and keep saying "ohh, I start tomorrow" or next week or after period...then you really don't mean to lose weight.
I am sure you are fabulous as you are:)

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